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A New Historical Fantasy Crossing the Waves of Time

Igraine, mythic mother of King Arthur, and Morgan, Sorceress, and daughter of the legendary Merlin. Both have their futures planned for them, tied to the fate of maintaining a magic Veil that protects the Kingdom from Wessex invaders now that the Romans are gone. The Veil’s magic is powerful but requires sacrifice and King Geraint is convinced it must be maintained at all costs if the Kingdom is to survive.


Igraine lives a sheltered life in Tintagel as a royal princess, kept safe in the castle at the edge of the sea, the High Seat for the Kingdom of Dumnonia. For years she has been preparing for a union to protect her people – a union with a man she does not love and a future trapped by duty. Her friendship with a sailor, Arthur Spear, and his rogue shipmates is not as innocent as her father would believe. Arthur and his friends are Igraine’s window to the world and nurture her greatest wish; Igraine wants to sail away, to visit Constantinople, and see the sights she’s only dreamed of from Arthur’s stories. Duty, however, cannot easily be denied.


Morgan has served as her father’s apprentice, doing his bidding and learning many of his magical secrets. But when his plans would harm innocents, she finds herself at a dangerous crossroads; is she the dutiful daughter or wrathful outcast. A chance meeting with Mordred, Prince of the Dark Fae court, proves more eventful than she knows.


The story weaves between the “dark ages” of early Britain and 1984, on the wild coast of Cornwall, at the archaeological dig at Castle Tintagel. Can fate be changed? Can a stranger from the future alter their world and our past? The Dark Lady of Tintagel tells the beginning of King Arthur’s story as you’ve never heard it before. A new twist on an old tale - the first in the Queens of the Mist saga.


Legend, Lore, Myth, and Magic. Can a fierce spirit overcome destiny?

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