Your mileage may vary...advice

Indie writers are often looking for advice when they face the huge expanse of self publishing. It is natural to seek out comrades going through similar struggles and situations. And why not? Who knows better the slings and arrows of typos, reviews, deadlines and time management than other authors, right?

In general, I think that is true but with a caveat. Your mileage may vary from mine. Even if we have similar stories, audiences, ads, design and social media presence, there won't be exactly the same results. So my advice, and any advice really, should always have the disclaimer "your results may vary".

Now that said, I still think asking questions, participating in group discussions and mining for information is vital and important. What I don't believe is someone can predict your success or tell you how to succeed using their method. There are tips to learn and stumbles to avoid, but everyone has their own path to climb to the top of success mountain.

So bottom line for me is to take what works for me,

leave the rest, and don't let other people decide what is right or wrong for you and your journey. Listen to those with experience who are willing to share, but not at the expense of giving up or changing what makes your work unique. Be tenacious, be the dandelion that spreads its seeds at the slightest breeze. Be you.

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