The Ghost Girl of Kells Pub

Not all ghost stories have to be scary. In fact, I would wage a pint of Guinness that most ghosts are not malevolent or bent on causing havoc, but rather, want to hang out with their human compatriots just a wee bit longer. Exhibit A is the red-haired girl that reportedly haunts Kells Restaurant and Pub in Seattle.

She's been described as a young girl with ringlets who manifests during the day when the bar is open for children. The bar is located in the old Butterworth building, which back in the early 1900s was built for Butterworth and Sons Mortuary. This mortuary was the first such building made for Seattle, a building built for the dead. Kells Restaurant and Pub is located in the space used for the crematorium and embalming. The building is said to have had the very first elevator on the west coast, for moving the bodies from the loading area to the visitation spaces on the upper floors.

Our friend, the unnamed red-hair girl, is said to appear in a stairwell in the back of the restaurant and rumor has it she is a bit mischievous - moving chairs, sliding glasses and such. One unattributed story says she gave a child a ragdoll while her mother was interviewing for a job there.

Old buildings, especially ones with more macabre histories, have ghost stories attached to them. Having never seen one at Kells myself, I can't say for sure, but I do know I am going to visit again and take a closer look this time, while I eat some Irish comfort food and sample a little whiskey. Win or lose, it sounds like a fun October afternoon to me.

photo by Joe Mabel

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