The Dark Lady of Tintagel

Updated: May 16, 2020

A new story is coming, slated for July 2020 and I am excited to leap into a new world with new characters, though some may feel a bit familiar. I've long been a fan of Arthurian legend but in this novel, things are not as might remember them. Igraine, Princess of the fortress of Tintagel on the coast of Cornwall, is not content with the life her father and his wizard have planned for her.

Magic might run in her blood but it doesn't run in her heart.

She wants to travel the world, sail to Byzantium and visit the great cities of the world.

Her duty is to protect Cornwall; keeping the Veil of magic that protects the people of her father's kingdom, including an arranged marriage with Uther Pendragon.

Discover the wild coast of Dumnonia, guarded by a King ruled by the sorcerer, Merlin. The tale will travel the waves of time to tell her story, so get ready for magic, duty, determination and rebellion.

Will the heart or the head rule The Dark Lady of Tintagel? Discover her secrets in this new historical fantasy novel.
Want to know more about the myth of Igraine? Check out the blog post about King Arthur's mother.

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