Magic Life - Embrace the Enchantment

"Your vibe attracts your tribe"

"Your vibe attracts your tribe" is the saying - putting out there what is important to you as a magnet to find like-minded people. Social media is really built on this concept and we all look for Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards that speak to what we enjoy. But what if your vibe is a world that doesn't exist? What if you feel most at home reading fantasy stories with magic, faeries, witches, and supernatural beings? How can you attract your tribe if your tribe is mermaids or selkies or hobgoblins?

Go gaga over unicorns if you want

Simple. Find the magic in every day things. Find books that enchant you, movies you can escape into, songs that get you dreaming of fairy circles in the hills. Find the magic that is all around us and be unapologetic about it. Is there anything wrong with a middle-aged woman going gaga over unicorns? Oh no there isn't. Is there shame in your game of covering your backyard in faerie houses? Absolutely not. Do it, loud and proud.


Add these spots of wonder to your life and share them. Use the hashtag #magiclife and lets celebrate the enchantments you share. There is no better way to find your magic tribe than to put your pics out there. We'll be spotlighting feeds on Instagram that embrace the #MagicLife to help everyone find these sparkles of fairy dust in the mundane.

Five Ideas for Adding Magic to your Daily Grind

  1. Magic and nature go hand in hand. Get outside for walks, visit the forest, find a lonely beach, plant a potter of posies. Big or small, a bit of nature is a swift ticket to something enchanting.

  2. Magic doesn't have to be flashy. It can be the hygge ("cozy") that you find in the perfect pair of socks, the cup of tea that soothes, the candles you light at the end of a long day. Find magic in routine, in comfort, in small things that bring you great joy.

  3. Magic and animals are a natural pair. If you have a pet in your life, you have magic. View the world through their eyes and it immediately expands. No pet? No problem. Observe birds in your neighborhood, the bunny that crosses your path, the stray black cat that you spy. See what the animals around you are up to.

  4. Magic in your passion. What moves you? Do you really like stories about elves and fairies? Are you crazy for dragons on the big screen? Do vampires set your heart a twitter? Whatever supernatural or magical icons call to you, bring that aesthetic into your entertainment, your social media, your mundane day to add that spark. It can as simple as stickers on your laptop or as big as starting a blog to discuss the pros and cons of sparkly vampires. There is no limit on your imagination.

  5. Magic in new discoveries. Everyone's day already feels jammed packed. You can't imagine adding one more thing. But if you don't have time to replenish your passions, your interests, your daily dose of fun, everything else in your life suffers too. Find the time to add some new magic to your world. Already know you love Tolkien? Instead of re-reading the Hobbit, why not discover a new author who has built a fantasy world just as rich. The familiar favorites are wonderful but there is a whole big world out there for you to discover and enjoy.

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