Gather 'round the Fable

Humans are creatures of habit. I think we can agree, especially after weeks and weeks of having our routines curtailed lately, that we generally like things we are familiar with, things that we've heard before, things that remind us of other times. If you've ever been asked by a child to read a story to them again (and again, and again), you know the power of repetition and habit.

Mythology, lore, fairytales, and fables all fit into the comfort of routine and that might just be why we keep reinventing them, retelling them, reliving them - in stories, songs, movies, books and art. Why do artists keep telling tales about the Greek Gods, the Knights of the Roundtable, of Baba Yaga, of Robin Hood? Because the stories have resonance and we find comfort in the familiar. I would also say it is because there are universal truths that we as humans helped to explain our world in the creation of these myths and stories. Things that go bump in the night, things that seem outside our comprehension, things that scare us, things that bring us joy. We've been weaving these things into our stories for as long as there have been humans gathering around fires and drawing pictures on cave walls.

To acknowledge the debt we owe to these long-lived tales, and to explore some of them in greater detail, I will be posting some of my favorites - along with favorite reinterpretations. If you have a favorite myth, legend or fable you would like to suggest for the blog, feel free to drop me a note.

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