Englebert and Vine, and other musings

It's almost February so cue the cupids and chocolates. I'm finishing up a short story that will go out to all the newsletter subscribers on February 12 - just in time for Valentine's Day. It's a peek into the minds of an angel named Englebert and a demon named Vine, who are just starting to date. What do you get the demon of your dreams for a gift? Englebert is struggling to find something Vine, an Earl of Hell, will appreciate. Meanwhile our lady demon hasn't a clue what an angelic paper pusher like Englebert would want. Let's see what these two lovebirds come up with to woo their immortal hearts.

Speaking of immortal, I am working on a project called In the Pantheon, which has writers voicing their assigned Greek God/Goddess in blog posts and social media. As you might imagine, I am voicing Lyssa, the Goddess who appears in the Gingerbread Hag series. Lyssa will be getting into all kinds of social media hijinks so be sure to follow her twitter handle, @ofLyssa, for the latest. I can't post to that handle until I complete God orientation - so look for activity toward the end of February. In the meanwhile, I have a page here where I am posting pics and other items of interest to the Goddess of Rage and Madness. Check it out.

Finally - be sure to follow my Facebook page because there will be some giveaways happening in February to celebrate the launch of Pink Moon Rising. You won't want to miss out on some cool prizes.

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