Channeling a Deity - Becoming Lyssa

I am a new participant of a project called In the Pantheon, where mortal "scribes" share posts from their ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses. My Goddess is Lyssa - the Goddess of Rage and Madness (if you are familiar with the Gingerbread Hag series, you know her well). She's definitely not one of the famous Varsity players - Zeus, Apollo, Hera, etc. The fun thing about Greek mythology is there are dozens and dozens of deities for just about every occasion.

So why did I choose to participate in this project? Besides the fact that Lyssa is near and dear to my heart as a villain in the GH series, it also seemed a fun way to stretch my role playing and writing chops. The project itself is highly structured, with "God Orientation" that lasts for 30 days. As someone who often writes on my own, this will be a good challenge to see how I can participate in more group work, including collaborative storylines.

Keep an eye out for more dispatches from this Goddess project. It is amazing to me that characters that are thousands of years old can be the source of new stories and new methods of interaction. Follow the fun on Twitter @inthepantheon and my handle, @ofLyssa.

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