Book Review - The Vine Witch

I really enjoyed the Vine Witch, by Luanne G. Smith. It is my kind of book - interesting detail and world-building with fantasy elements that saddle right up to the "real world". The story opens with the main character, Elena, in quite a predicament. She is a vine witch that someone has transformed into a toad. Was it her rather devious fiancé who hired a witch to curse her? Elena comes to this conclusion once she figures out how to escape her froggy prison. The quest begins when she is back on two legs (minus a toe after an encounter with a fox) to find out exactly what happened to her and to her beloved vineyard. Before she was cursed, she worked her vine magic with the grapes, crafting wine of great renown. Now, years later, she comes back to find the vineyard not in the hands of her beloved Grandmere, but instead owned by a stranger. A stranger who doesn't believe in magic.

If you enjoy books with revenge, magic, family connections and love, then I think you will really enjoy this fine example of Witch Lit. It is intoxicating right from the first sip (yes, I made a wine pun). I rate the Vine Witch as five out of five magic toads. It is a charming read that does credit to magical realism as well as fantasy fiction with a strong heroine.

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