Book Review: Tales of Mundane Magic v3

I always enjoy reading Shaina Krevat's inventive short tales within her series, the Tales of Mundane Magic. The series is perfect YA reading (emphasis on the Young in YA- I have gifted to my 10 year old niece) for those who like everyday life peppered with plenty of YA fantasy elements.

Magical Realism for Young Readers

Do stories of flying cameras (who needs selfie-sticks), magical graffiti and bracelet charms that allow for animal communication sound delightful? They should because they are; enter the high school years of magical sisters, Bridget and Gertie.

In Volume 3 of the series, they are heading off on a mysterious road trip that seems perfectly suited for an young teen animated series. Attention Netflix, I've found a good property for you.

The tales are short, so you can dip in as you like and that is good for readers with short attention spans (old or young).

The writing is charming and brisk; you'll be swept up in Kravat's world quicker than you can pull out a magic hat from Gertie's collection. If you haven't checked out the other volumes, let them tied you over until the release of volume 3 on June 5, 2020.

Quick Bite: The series is easy to get into, likely a great choice for young readers or adults that want to read to their kids. Nothing too scary or too much - a book version of a macaron that provides just the right amount of sweet and fun. Available June 5, 2020.

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