Book Review - Never Date a Siren

Never Date a Siren by Byrd Nash

As a fan of Nash's previous work, the Wicked Wolves of Windsor, I knew I was in good hands with this YA fantasy offering. Nash has a wonderful way of weaving old myths and fairytales into modern stories and Book One of this new series is no exception. She excels in world-building and creating a vibrant reality for her characters. I loved the small touches - characters that have flaws and quirks like all of us. Her main character, Brigit, is capable and confident - maybe even a bit too confident - and she reminds me of many new college students who are now in a new environment and are finding their way. The fact that the story involves fae students, a Siren with some serious boundary issues, and a fictional European country that I would love to visit is just bonus. At its heart, the story is the start of a coming of age tale that promises growth and change for our heroine, along with adventure for her bondmates. Never Date a Siren is perfect for fans of YA/NA as well as though who like thoughtful fantasy and old tales with new twists.

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