Book Review: Dead Set - Tales of Weird Florida

If you don't know Martin Shannon yet as an author, you are in for a treat. Martin has created a world that can only be described as "weird". Perhaps the fact that it is set in Florida will make those of us who don't live in the Sunshine state think the title is duplicative, but I assure you, the weirdness goes beyond the typical Florida hijinks. Martin's main character, Eugene Law, is a Magician who balances family life and handling the supernatural dangers lurking amongst the gators and flamingos with various levels of success.

Fans of the Dresden files by Jim Butcher, or really any incarnation of Bruce Campbell, will immediately love this initial outing for Martin. Tongue in cheek often, the humor is on full display, as is the action. It starts with a rollick and doesn't stop until the end, where there is a gut punch to the reader and the need to find out what happens next in Book Two. The good news is that Martin has five books already in the can for Tales of Weird Florida, so we will have plenty of time to learn all about Gene and his lovely family, his strange gifts, and the dangers that lurk inside expensive Florida real estate.

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