50K in 30 days - Nanowrimo

Writing fifty thousand words is hard. Doing it in thirty days is harder, especially when you have a full-time life that leaves little time for the daily work it takes to hit this goal. For those who participate in Nanowrimo, it is a leap of faith; committing to try something really challenging for the sole reward of doing it. Whether you make it to the final goal or not, writers should be proud of taking that leap and working to bring their stories to life. Ultimately, whether your story is 50,000 words or 48,000 words or 148,000 words, what matters is that it is your story and no one can tell it like you.

I used Nano this year as a tool to get Book One of a new series done and it worked for me. I find the pressure of the word count helpful to stay on task. that doesn't work for everyone and that is okay. Whatever method works for you, don't get hung up on whether you "win" or "lose" some timeline. As long as you keep writing, you've won. And so have your readers.

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