I hope you enjoy the paranormal adventure in The Gingerbread Hag Bakery Series. Come for the treats - stay for the mayhem. Plenty of cozy mystery, with spooky sprinkles of supernatural. A fantasy series for readers who like myth, magic, mayhem, strong female characters, inclusion, community and plenty of sweet treats. Check out The Gingerbread Hag Series page for character art.

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Burned to a Crisp - A Gingerbread Hag Mystery (Book One)


Nestled deep in the sleepy heart of Enumclaw - a little town in Washington state - Hedy Leckermaul owns a bakery renowned for its strange, sugary confections. Unbeknownst to the town, she also hosts mysterious visitors. Hedy, Adelaide the ghost, and Hedy's menagerie of animals, offer a place of safety to Enumclaw's supernatural travelers. Life in the little town in the shadow of Mount Rainier may appear picturesque, but things are often not as they seem.


Peace and tranquility rarely last, and it isn't long before arson and abduction rock the friendly town, turning the bakery's world upside down. Hedy must think fast when one of her own is now in danger. She has to solve the mystery before it is too late - seconds count before you are Burned to a Crisp.

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In the Teeth of It - A Gingerbread Hag Mystery (Book Two)


It’s been two months since the fiery events of Burned to a Crisp, and it’s Christmas in Enumclaw. Hedy is back to hosting visitors in her waystation, while Mel and Darro are decking the halls and telling tales of Krampus in between batches of cannibal Gingerbread Men cookies—just another Christmas at The Gingerbread Hag bakery.


But the holiday spirit isn’t the only thing making its way through Enumclaw. Something definitely from the naughty list is attacking the local farms and the children are possessed with mischief. Hedy’s worries increase when the Concierge sends someone to investigate her house and possibly shut the waystation down for good. Who’s been naughty, and who’s been nice? Not every gift under the tree is one she’ll want to open, but Hedy better hurry, before all of Enumclaw gets caught In the Teeth of It.

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Sweet Tooth & Claw - A Gingerbread Hag Mystery (Book Three)


Snow blankets sleepy Enumclaw just before Valentine's Day and threatens to derail all of Hedy's efforts. Demonic cupid cookies and pierced heart cakes may go uneaten, but that's hardly the worst of it. Romantic woes of her own and long-lost friends from the past bring danger that could turn this Valentine's Day blood red for everyone she loves. Revenge is a dish best served cold, but will a fiery temper hellbent on retribution send everyone at the Gingerbread Hag bakery to its breaking point? Twists, turns, and betrayal make this a winter holiday that Hedy would like to forget. A Sweet Tooth and Claw might mean the end of her little supernatural waystation and so much more.


"An exciting instalment to the Gingerbread Hag series that encapsulates the best parts of cozy mystery and fantasy into one novel. A brilliant read that I recommend to everyone!" - Jamie Kramer, Books and Ladders

Autumn Nights - 13 Spooky Fall Reads


​Contributing Author

The shadows grow long in the crisp autumn air, and soon the summer will be a distant memory. In the dim light of a fading sun the night has returned to reclaim its own.


From hayrides to corn mazes, and Jekyll n Hyde. With warped games and witches, demons, and Death personified. “Autumn Nights: 13 Spooky Fall Reads” brings together the very best in chilling tales to tell under a harvest moon.

Created for those who get excited for Halloween and crisp Fall weather (and yes, even Pumpkin Spice Lattes). Are you the type to dream of windy nights and tumbling leaves even while summer days stretch on? Do you want scary bonfire stories with doses of humor and twists on classical tales? This collection is perfect for you.

These thirteen plus one (bonus!) spooky short stories originate from the talents of fourteen impressive new and published authors. Each twisted tale glimmers with a different sinister face of Autumn to bring new chills to your spine.

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Pink Moon Rising - Book One of The Witches of Enumclaw Series



Helen Griffith and her fellow witches in the Sisters of the Crescent Moon coven, are hosting the annual Eve of May Festival in nearby Ravensdale, a great honor for the little group. But weeks before the big event, one of their own is stricken with a mysterious illness. Could she be cursed? What witch would risk such a thing? Banishment or worse awaits anyone who would dare to curse a fellow witch.
In their search for answers, Helen and the coven seek out a banished recluse, the High Witch of the Pacific Northwest and, as a last resort, they'll even infiltrate another coven to discover the truth. The Sisters and their familiars will find trouble during the rise of the Pink Moon, when someone is determined to keep her secrets buried - whatever the cost.

From the world of the Gingerbread Hag Bakery, a new series: Pink Moon Rising - Book One of The Witches of Enumclaw.

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Short Stories

Little bites that pack a lot of punch!

Need a quick read on your lunch hour? Discover some of the short reads that KA has available on Amazon.


Rage at the Disco and Other Stories.

Nine tales from fantasy author
K. A. Miltimore, featuring the magic in our everyday world.

From Hell's Kitchen in 1970s New York to a witch's cottage in eighteenth century England, each tale features elements of the supernatural cozying up to the ordinary

The Necromancer and The Chinchilla

Five short stories that tell tales from the lives of characters in Burned to A Crisp - A Gingerbread Hag Mystery. Find out a little history for Maurice, Alice and Zelda, Adelaide, Darro and Hedy. A little dessert for after you have finished reading Burned to A Crisp - A Gingerbread Hag Mystery.
Stories include:
The Necromancer and the Chinchilla
Adelaide Meets a Hippie
That Time Zelda Ate Alice
Hedy in the Big Easy
Granny Raith Kills Maryjane

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