Image by Nathan Dumlao
Tiki Cheers


K. A. Miltimore lives in the Pacific Northwest and writes paranormal cozy mysteries, modern witch lit tales, and historical fantasy fiction in the wee hours of the morning. She loves mid-century fashion, 80s music and nachos (not necessarily in that order).


With her husband and son, she loves exploring quirky local towns, including Enumclaw, WA (the setting of her Gingerbread Hag series). Perhaps she will succeed in dragging her family to Iceland for a tour someday.


She fancies herself a crafty person, both in projects and devilish schemes. In addition to a love of writing, she has a Masters in Labor & Employment Law that she is still paying off, a fondness for great Washington red wines, and re-watching the movies that she has forgotten over the years.

K.A. loves reading about Ancient Rome and historical fiction set in the Tudor and Victorian periods.


She is especially drawn to fiction with strong female characters, elements of magic and the supernatural, and plenty of quirky characters.


Maybe that is why she tries to fill her stories with the same things that she loves as a reader.

#MagicLife is a more than just a social media tag; it is a lifestyle motto! KA believes there is always magic that can be found in the mundane, if we only look, because magic is all around us. 

  • Really dark coffee 
  • Black licorice 
  • Her rescue dog, Ren 
  • Traveling 
  • Coming Home Again 
  • Audiobooks on car trips 
  • Cannoli (Modern Pastry in Boston)
  • Tiki drinks from Hale Pele in Portland, OR and Devil's Reef in Tacoma, WA 
  • Any food consumed in New Orleans
  • Visiting the Haunted Mansion in Disneyland 
  • Hammer films with Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing